Birdie’s Hallowe’en Decorating & Entertaining Guide


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From 1909 to the early 1940’s, a company called Dennison Manufacturing Company issued a yearly publication every Autumn showing the reader how to throw a successful Hallowe’en party for adults.  Called Bogey Books, they had dinner menus, ideas for games, and suggestions for decorations and costumes.  As a bonus, all of the decorations could be purchased through Dennison’s.  They were very popular at the time and have become expensive collector’s items today.

Birdie’s Hallowe’en Decorating and Entertaining Guide is a tribute to those early Dennison Bogey Books from long ago.

This 36 Page Guide is a tribute to those early Bogey Books.  You’ll find it’s filled with creative ideas and inspiration on decorating your home, dressing up, and hosting your own ghost-hosted Hallowe’en party!  The theme for the 2019 edition is G.H.O.S.T.S!


Learn the folklore of ghosts

Learn how to “haunt” your home using tips from an interior designer without buying a lot of decorations that you have to store all year

Suggested ideas on dressing up using inspiration from one of our three “Ghost Hosts”

Tips on how to host your own ghost party, including the invitation, tablescape, party favor, menu ideas, and party games

Original ghost story that you can share with your guests

Printed on white Hammermill 28# paper digitally printed and bound

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CUSTOMER REVIEW:  “This book is incredible!  Everyone who is thinking about getting it, should buy it!  I love it and will definitely order it again next time!”  ~~Samantha





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