My Story

Have you ever noticed that big life changes can have ripple effects?  My husband and I recently moved to the mountains of Utah from a suburb of Salt Lake City.  As I’ve adjusted to the new energy of the mountains and the daily changes in nature, I’ve been inspired to do something different. 

I’ve created a business to reflect my new mountain lifestyle – simple, intentional, and nature-based. I named this new business endeavor after my great-grandmother, Bergetta, whose nickname was Birdie.  Like most of my family, Birdie’s family immigrated to the US from Denmark.  It’s from my Danish ancestors that I get my love of creating a cozy, warm, magickal, and comfortable home filled with delicious scents and soft flickering candlelight.

There are two different product offerings at Birdie’s:


Monthly pop-up shoppe on the first of every month for just 24 hours (or until the products sell out – whichever comes first).  It will feature soaps, candles, and other magickal products hand-made by me in the mountains of Utah.  


36-page yearly publication featuring creative ideas on decorating and entertaining for Hallowe’en.  Each year will have a completely new original theme, which makes the publication fun to collect!  


My name is Charee, and I’m an interior designer, storyteller, creative dreamer, Hallowe’en lover, and blogger.  Lately, my interests and skills have expanded to include aromatherapy and herbalism. I’m a firm believer in the art of craft and hope you’ll find that reflected in the product offerings.

My Mission at Birdie’s is simple:  To promote a lifestyle embracing the moody dark aesthetic of Hallowe’en that’s rooted in nature and celebrated at home.

I hope you’ll be inspired and find something that you love!

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